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Build a Bitcoin business by helping forge the digital economy. Access a powerful toolset to provide services to merchants and traders, and build your bitcoin wealth in the process. Bitcoin can only cross the chasm with an army of support. Be part of it.

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Our Offer

From a single, motivated individual to a business looking for new ways to add value to existing and new customers, Love+Bitcoin offers a compelling product to drive growth.

Your mission will be to spread the word, share your passion for Bitcoin and offer a variety of services to merchants and businesses in your locality – or in an economic sector for which you have a passion.

You’ll be supporting businesses, helping build the Bitcoin economy, and generating a substantial income as you go. What’s not to love?

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Take anywhere tools

Run the system from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It's completely portable, and very easy to use.

Transparent Reports

Monitor your progress, plan ahead, and stay in control. All data is available to you quickly and easily.

Generate an income

Start earning on day 1 with easy to follow processes and generous payouts. You'll love how easy it is.

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We're proud to share our platform with Love + Bitcoin - it's an exciting next step in the building of our economy from the ground up. We're hoping to inspire users all over the world to roll their sleeves up, and get stuck in to building our new economy.


Rob Wilson

CEO, Bitscan

These tools will allow you to setup shop in just a few hours, and are powerful enough to power growth from a single motivated operator, to a medium size enterprise. We're proud and excited to offer these tools to you




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